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A good portrait can be produced from either photographs or digital images. Scanned images can be used but this will depend on the resolution and original size of the image. The best results are normally obtained from the original images. However before any work starts we will let you know if the images are acceptable to work from.

Whatever type of image (photograph or digital image) is sent the following points should be considered

  • The image should be clear and in focus, and ideally in colour (essential if the final portrait is to be in colour)
  • The image should show the person's or animal's most typical appearance and pose. It should also be a good likeness of the subject.
  • For a portrait the head (in the image) should be at least 2 inches (50mm) across.
  • For multiple portraits (i.e. more than one subject in the portrait) the "heads" can be on different images. However you will have to make it clear which image is to be used. In the case of multiple "heads" on the same portrait I will always send you a "mock up" to get the overall size and positioning correct, before starting on the final portrait
  • Images can be edited. We can remove unwanted parts of the photo, enlarge the image and piece together parts from different images in the final portrait. However you will have to make it clear which parts of different images are to be used.
  • One of the most important parts of a portrait are the eyes. So the image should be clear and represent the eyes accurately.
  • For colour portraits of animals and pets it is best to have more than one image to get an accurate colour match of the animal's coat
  • All photos are returned to you by post once the portrait is completed.

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